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Baked or Shirred Eggs

Baked or Shirred Eggs-image


Break or slip 1 or 2 eggs into greased individual shallow baking dishes,

add 1 tablespoon of cream or top milk and bake in a 325-degree F. oven for 12 to 18 minutes,

depending on degree of firmness desired.

Serve from baking dishes.


1) Partially cook strips of bacon, arrange around edge of baking dish in a circle and bake with eggs in center.
2) Line baking dishes with buttered crumbs, top with slice of process cheese, and eggs, cover with additional shredded or grated cheese and bake as directed above
3) Line baking dish with cooked rice, make hollow in the center, drop eggs on top, cover with cheese or Creole sauce or any desired canned condensed soup (thinned to sauce consistency) and bake as directed above.
4) Bake potatoes, cut in half (or if small, cut off tops) scoop out pulp, mash, season with salt, butter and milk and whip until light. Refill potato shells, leaving hallow in each. Slip egg into hollow, cover with grated cheese and bake to desired degree of doneness.
5) Press 4 cups corned beef hash into a shallow oblong baking dish. Make shallow indentations in the to and slip an egg into each. add a tablespoon of cream for each egg and bake in a 325-degree F. oven until eggs are set to desired degree of doneness. (4 or 5 servings).
6) Make shallow indentations in a casserole of meatless Spanish rice, slip an egg into each and bake as desired.