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fish biryani best recipe at home

fish biryani best recipe at home-image


1: Fish  1 kg
2: Rice 1 kg
3: Salt According to taste
4: Ginger Garlic Crushed 2 tablespoons
5: Onions Between 2 numbers
6: tomato 3 medium sized ones
7: Crushed red pepper 1 tablespoon
8: Turmeric Half a teaspoon
9: Fenugreek seeds A few grains
10: Opinion Half a teaspoon
11: Oil Half a cup


Heat oil in a saucepan for two to three minutes and add fenugreek seeds, rye, curry leaves and green chillies and cook. Then add onion and fry till golden. Add garlic, ginger and tomato and fry for some time. Until the two things melt well and the oil separates.

Add salt, red pepper, turmeric and coriander and sprinkle a little water and fry for some more time and after frying, put the fish carcasses in it.

Add rice to this spice and fry well and let it cook for some more time. Cover and cook over medium heat until dry.

Place the fish fillets on top and simmer on low heat for five to seven minutes. Then take the biryani out of the dish and serve it hot.