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spinach pistachio pesto recipe

spinach pistachio pesto recipe-image

Spinach with Pistachio.


Take raisin and clean it with Luke warm water and keep raisin aside for a while. After 5 minute put raisin into Apple juice so that it become soft.

Now put Spinach in 3 liter salt water and boil it and firmly press spinach. Take Fry Pan,

Roast pistachio without butter and oil so that it can become cracking.

Now in sauce pan fry onion in butter and put spinach and cook it for 1-2 minutes. In between keep it frying properly.

Now put raisin, pistachio, salt and pepper according to taste. In the end put nutmeg. It is ready to serve.

Est Time – 30-40 Minutes.


  1. 1Kg Spinach
  2. 100gm Onion
  3. 60gm Raisin
  4. 100gm Pistachio
  5. 50ml Apple Juice
  6. 50gm Butter
  7. 2-3gm Nutmeg
  8. Salt and Pepper according to taste